Mediklenz is a laundry services division of Vashkleen Laundry Services Pvt. Ltd EXCLUSIVELY for HOSPITALS.

Hospital linen & uniforms require special laundry care. Disinfection of every cloth is essential. Laundered linen & uniforms should be Clean, Crisp, Dry & Germ free and Mediklenz provides you, just that!

Disinfection of Linen

  • Infected Linen Segregation; Separate Handling.
  • Soaking in apt disinfectant solution
  • Rinsing with filtered Cold Water; Residual Chlorine Removal.
  • Washing Cycle Employs
    • Fabric Friendly Antimicrobial Detergents / Chemicals
    • Steam Injection to Raise Water Temperature up to 70ºC
  • Drying / Calendaring / Pressing Processes use Optimal high Temperatures.
  • Separate Manpower for
    • Pre Wash Processes
    • Post Wash Processes

No ' Sun Drying ' ! Because:

  • Exposure to direct sun light weakens fabric fibers.
  • Repeated exposure renders brittleness to fabric
  • Washed fabric can get Soiled / Infected due to Airborne Dust / Microbes
  • Cloudy / Rainy weather, a nightmare if dependant on Sun for Drying

Our Offering:

  • Careful handling of Soiled Cloths to Avoid Contamination
  • The best laundry care for your Linen & Uniforms
  • Sterilization of every Cloth
  • Aseptic Handling, Storage & Transport of every Cleaned Cloth
  • Timely Service